Museum Regulations

Welcome to the Hessenpark Open Air Museum! We extend a warm welcome and wish you a pleasant stay. In order to make your visit as pleasant as possible, and to keep the museum and its exhibitions in good repair for the future, I would ask you to observe the museum’s regulations. They are legally binding for your visit and must be observed by everyone.

  1. Museum entry is only permitted with a valid ticket. Tickets are non-transferable and must be presented upon request within the museum grounds. Failure to possess a valid entry ticket may result in an increased fee (penalty) of €20.00 in addition to the regular admission price. We reserve the right to file a criminal complaint.
  2. Museum staff work on behalf of the museum’s management. Please follow instructions given by the supervisory staff. If the museum’s regulations or the supervisory staff’s instructions are not followed, the persons involved may be prevented from remaining on the museum site.
  3. Our restored buildings and their furnishings are designed to give you an authentic insight into everyday life in the past. This is why they do not always comply with modern safety requirements. Please bear this in mind when visiting the exhibits. Please note that there is an increased risk of accidents when it is icy. For safety reasons, do not leave the paths unless specially marked.
  4. Plants in the museum, whether cultivated or wild, may cause harm upon touch or consumption. Harvesting, removal, consumption, or damage to these plants is strictly prohibited due to potential health risks.
  5. Smoking is not permitted throughout the museum site on account of the high risk of fire. “Smoking areas” are labelled accordingly.
  6. It is not permitted to eat or drink in the exhibition houses in order to protect the exhibits. You are requested not to touch the exhibits and display cases. Exceptions to this rule are labelled.
  7. Children under the age of 12 are permitted to enter the Hessenpark Open Air Museum only if accompanied by a responsible adult. The requirement to keep children under supervision applies also within the museum.
  8. Teachers, group leaders and authorised persons are responsible for ensuring the children and young people in their care behave appropriately. They are requested to stay in groups.
  9. Your dog is a welcome guest in the museum grounds if it is on a lead. However, dogs are not permitted to enter the museum buildings. Please dispose of any “little deposits” in the boxes or bags supplied and put them in the appropriate waste bin.
  10. Museum animals must not be fed, disturbed or pestered.
  11. Media recordings (photographs, films, sound recordings) are permitted if for private purposes. Media recordings as part of a press report are permitted in agreement with our staff. Media recordings for commercial and academic purposes are permitted solely with written permission from the museum. Please note the legal conditions concerning copyright.
  12. Video monitoring is in operation in some rooms in the Open Air Museum. This serves to protect the exhibits from theft and damage.

Neu-Anspach, 31 January 2024

Jens Scheller
Museum Director