Our Partners

The Hessenpark Open Air Museum is supported by several partners and businesses associated with it. Their support allows the museum to undertake its task of making it possible to experience over 400 years of Hessian settlement history – with more than a hundred reconstructed buildings, various exhibitions and numerous events. If you would like to find out more about our partners, just click on the logo and you will find the companies’ and institutions’ websites, where available.

The Work and Life Exhibition Association

The “Work and Life” exhibition association has existed since 1990. It is a union of cultural history and folklore museums in various federal states of Germany. The union organises joint touring exhibitions with accompanying publications that look at everyday culture in the past and the present. This venture allows it to use the extensive collections in the union of museums. In addition to the Hessenpark Open Air Museum, the following museums belong to the union:

Cooperation Partners

Event Partners

Sponsors of exhibitions