Special exhibitions

What does the past have to do with the present? At the Hessenpark, this question is of great importance. In order to answer it, we regularly organise special exhibitions which address over-arching and transregional topics concerning everyday culture. In these presentations, artists show their view of rural life, technical advancements are reconstructed and creative responses to social issues are demonstrated. Take a voyage of discovery in our exhibition buildings – there is an overview of the latest exhibition topics on this page.

Special exhibitions

Enjoy your meal, germany!

Photo: Olaf Ballnus

Photo: Olaf Ballnus

In 2013, FREELENS, a photography association, asked its members to put the spotlight on all aspects of food for a joint book project. The book of photographs created in the process offers an impressive kaleidoscope of insights. During the 2020 season, Hessenpark presents a selection of more than 60 images that demonstrate very clearly how our diet has changed over the years in terms of food production, storage and ingestion.

1 March to 29 November 2020
House from Gemünden (Wohra)
Open only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and on holidays

Lure of the hearth. Kitchen and cooking

Special exhibitions

This exhibition ist all about the kitchen. Developed by the Alltag | Arbeit | Anstoß | Aufbruch exhibition network, it centres around the development of the cooking zone. In doing so, the show presents technological, social and cultural changes and, spiced with a little humour, the gender stereotypes of men and women in a kitchen context. Be it the hangout of a revolutionary cell, the place for the family council or a snack bar, the centre of an appartment shared by students or a working-class household, or even a design object: the kitchen provides a social space for everyone.

22 March to 29 November 2020
Stable barn from Asterode

Border Openings after the fall of the wall


This exhibition is dedicated to the many places along the
Hessian-Thuringian part of the inner-German border
that opened in 1989. Photos and videos document people’s joy in seeing each other again, their happiness about the end of the separation and in renewing acquaintances with old neighbors who have long become strangers. Biographies of residents along the border tell about the restrictions, trauma and disadvantages the division of the country had caused. The exhibition also looks at the changes in the former Hessian border region and the former restricted zone on the Thuringian side since 1989.

1 January to 29 November 2020
Solid House from Ransbach, Northern Hesse Ensemble


Pressefoto für die Sonderausstellung "View-Master"

Just like Scotch tape or Kleenex, the View-Master is a brand name synonymous with the product itself, in this case the stereo viewer. In 2019, the View-Master cele-brates its 80th anniversary. On this occasion, Hessenpark present an exhibition in the House from Queck. The range of showcases includes the entire model range, the View-Master cameras, knock-offs, the View-Master as a mer-chandising product as well as exhibits from the fields of arts, music and architecture and the new virtual reality viewer.

28 April 2019 to 18 March 2021
House from Queck, Market Square