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The Year the Hessenpark Open-Air Museum was founded

The oil crisis has a lasting effect on everyday life and the economy. The first VW Golf rolls off the production line. ABBA wins the Eurovision Song Contest with “Waterloo”. Protest movements for women’s rights and environmental issues are in full swing. The German national football team brings home the World Cup. To mark the museum’s 50th anniversary, this exhibition takes a look at the year it was founded. What got people talking in 1974? Which topics were socially relevant then and how are they faring now?

17 March to 8 December 2024

Barn from Sand

Ein 50jähriger Mann blickt in die Kamera mit einer Tasse in der Hand


In keeping with our anniversary, the exhibition shows portrait photographs of Hessians who will also celebrate their 50th birthday in 2024. Guided by renowned artist, Sandra Mann, students from the European School of Design photographed the birthday people in the open air museum. The results are expressive images that reflect the past and present of each individual and are presented alongside short personal descriptions. The exhibition project is a collaboration between the Hessenpark Open Air Museum, the European School of Design and the Haus am Dom Frankfurt.
21 April to 8 December 2024
Stables from Sand
Laterna Magica mit passenden Bildern


Imagery of the Magic Lantern

The magic lantern was developed in the 17th century as a new optical instrument that could be used to project colourful glass images. For centuries, it was used for entertainment and instruction. The images depict fairy tales, travelogues, educational content and amusing stories. The cabinet exhibition is a collaboration with the Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum and the collector Bernd Scholze. It shows a selection of magic lantern projectors and glass pictures for children and adults from 1785 to around 1900, and a picture-sound installation
3 March 2024 to 28 December 2025
House from Queck


Modell des neuen Verwaltungsgebäudes, das im Freilichtmuseum Hessenpark gebaut werden soll.

A new building for our museum administration

Numerous people with very different areas of responsibility work in our museum. Colleagues from the areas of management, accounting, human resources, science, communication and marketing, education and outreach, construction, crafts and agriculture are currently housed across several buildings. A new administration building should make it possible to work together as a team in modern offices. For this purpose, the state of Hesse launched an architectural competition. The brief was to design a building using the particularly sustainable straw bale construction method. The building should fit in with our museum and the plot provided for it near the entrance building. Energy efficiency, consideration for the surrounding historic buildings and functionality are all important to us. You can see the competition entries from 16 architectural in our new exhibition.

7 September 2023 to 1 April 2024, Barn from Sand

Living Variety. Biodiversity at Hessenpark

The term biodiversity represents the variety of life. This variety doesn’t just secure what we eat, but is the very basis for our well-being, our health and ultimately our survival here on Earth. It’s the result of natural processes of evolution, but also the targeted breeding of farm animals and plants by humans.

This exhibition explores the diversity of the animals, plants and habitats at Hessenpark. It showcases the key role of agriculture as well as what we can all do to preserve diversity in our cultural landscape.

From June 12, Fortified House from Ransbach

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