Special exhibitions

What does the past have to do with the present? At the Hessenpark, this question is of great importance. In order to answer it, we regularly organise special exhibitions which address over-arching and transregional topics concerning everyday culture. In these presentations, artists show their view of rural life, technical advancements are reconstructed and creative responses to social issues are demonstrated. Take a voyage of discovery in our exhibition buildings – there is an overview of the latest exhibition topics on this page.

Special exhibitions

Miniature Cameras

Dainty – Sneaky – Disliked

Special exhibitions

Cameras have continued to evolve since photography was first developed in 1839. Not only has the quality of cameras improved, but their size has been reduced considerably. This aspect is the subject of a special exhibition at the house of photography (House from Queck) and demonstrates the development of the miniature camera from its beginnings to the present day.

26 February 2017 to 16 March 2018
House from Queck, Market Square

Jakob Nussbaum

Frankfurt Impressionist

Ölbild von Jakob Nussbaum: Mainufer mit Blick auf Alte Brücke

Jakob Nussbaum was one of the most important Jewish painters to live and work in Frankfurt am Main in the first half of the 20th century. His particular passion was impressionist landscape painting which he developed further in his cityscapes. Landscapes were also the focus of his paintings, drawings and watercolours. The exhibition is realised in cooperation with the Jewish Museum Frankfurt. In addition there are also original documents and photographs from the artist’s estate.

18 March to 2 December 2018
House from Gemünden (Wohra), Market Square
(open on Wednesday, Friday Saturday, Sunday and public holiday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Hesse först! Caricatures by Greser & Lenz

Special exhibitions

Achim Greser and Heribert Lenz are among Germany’s most successful caricaturists. The museum will exhibit abput 70 hand-picked caricatures, all with a close link to Hessen, from artists’ archive of now several thousand original drawings. Some sketchbooks round off the exhibition by giving insights into the working methods of the two caricaturists. Based in Aschaffenburg, they poke fun at the German Republic, its political landscape, our everyday life and slavish faith in progress. Often enough, Greser & Lenz have their protagonists comment these scenes in a distinct Frankfurt dialect. High time for am exhibition at Hessenpark!

17 March to 1 December 2019
Stable barn from Asterode, Northern Hesse Ensemble
open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Border Openings after the fall of the wall

Special exhibitions

This exhibition is dedicated to the many places along the
Hessian-Thuringian part of the inner-German border
that opened in 1989. Photos and videos document people’s joy in seeing each other again, their happiness about the end of the separation and in renewing acquaintances with old neighbors who have long become strangers. Biographies of residents along the border tell about the restrictions, trauma and disadvantages the division of the country had caused. The exhibition also looks at the changes in the former Hessian border region and the former restricted zone on the Thuringian side since 1989.

7 April to 1 December 2019
Solid House from Ransbach, Northern Hesse Ensemble


The rise and fall of the twin-lens reflex camera


First launched in 1929, the Rolleiflex camera quickly captured the hearts of photographers around the world. What made it so unique? The second “eye”, the viewfinder lens, allowed photographers to achieve perfect image control for the first time. The viewfinder image on the ground-glass screen corresponded to the size of the negative – both lenses were “focused” at the same time. This type of camera was the preferred instrument of many photojournalists, amateurs and photo studios until well into the 1970s. The exhibition showcases the Rolleiflex and its imitators.

29 April 2018 to 15 March 2019
House from Queck, Market Square

Wanderlust. Two hundred years of walking in the Taunus

Special exhibitions

In 2018 the Taunusklub, founded in 1868 on the Feldberg, celebrates its 150th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the Open Air Museum takes a look at its beginnings as Germany’s first hiking club and the cultural history of walking. When and how did the organised walking movement first start? And why did walking, an everyday necessity, become a fashionable sport? This special exhibition, realised in cooperation with the Taunusklub, examines hikers’ ideas of nature and displays the equipment used over the years.

3 March to 1 December 2019
Stable barn from Asterode, Northern Hesse Ensemble
open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.