Museum Theatre

The actors of the the Museum Theatre have been bringing everyday Hessian history to life since 2008. With its own museum ensemble and the specially produced performances, the Museum Theatre is a unique selling point of the Hessenpark Open Air Museum. The historically sound and source-based representations are a central component of the museum’s knowledge transfer. They make history tangible for visitors of all ages. People are always at the centre of the action of the Museums Theatre’s performances. How did the people of Hesse live and work since the early modern period? What was their life like over the centuries? In the company of historical figures we go on a journey through time into bygone worlds.

Living history

In the Hessenpark Open Air Museum the Museum Theatre has a variety of formats to choose from:

Theatre Tours

During the theatre tours visitors can immerse themselves into different epochs of Hessian history and get to know our Museum from a different perspective. Where else do you meet nagging market women, talkative country postmen or secretive craftsmen in their natural surroundings?

Open Air Plays

The open air theatre plays bring our historic buildings to life in a unique way. The houses not only serve as a stage, but also become a lifelike setting for the joys, sorrows and lives of our historical figures and their eventful stories.

School Projects

As part of the educational theatre school projects, schoolchildren receive an in-depth access to historical topics. The combination of theatre and museum education turns history into an experience. The museum theatre is an integral part of the Hessenpark‘s role as an extracurricular learning location.

Theatre Projects for Schools

Theatre Tour Days

During the Hessian Easter, summer and autumn school holidays the Museum Theatre presents its unique „Theatre Tour Days“ programme.

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Bookable Offers

In addition, our theatre formats can be booked for various occasions and target groups. Would you like to travel back in time with us?

About the Offers

The Museum Theatre Is Looking for Reinforcements!

Our ensemble consists of about 20 performers from different professional backgrounds, including actors, historians and art historians, who bring their expertise to the performances. The Museum Theatre is always on the look-out for committed, history-interested and motivated professional and amateur actors for new and ongoing productions. Have we piqued your interest?

Freelance Collaboration