Clockmaker´s Workshop

Since August 1, 2019, the Hessenpark Open Air Museum has been home to a new clockmaker’s workshop in the House from Rörshain. It is run by Oliver Hambel and Joshua Becker who recently completed their clockmaker training and host seminars alongside their work in the workshop.

Clockmaker‘s Workshop

The specialists carry out repairs on all types of clocks, with an emphasis on historical timepieces. They can also manufacture cogs as well as complete clocks. As a special service, Hambel and Becker offer house calls to pick up clocks for servicing and repair, putting them back into operation. Their seminars are suitable for interested museum visitors and experts alike. The two clockmakers also plan to open a store. Thinking long-term, they have set themselves the goal of initiating and selling a “Hessian School Clock”, a classically designed precision pendulum clock, in collaboration with the Hessian School of Clockmaking


Oliver Hambel und Joshua Becker
Phone: 06081 / 9583464

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Opening Hours

temporarily closed
The clockmaker´s workshop continues to offer its repair service, by personal pick-up at the customer or by post.


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