Craft Demonstrations

Whether you were a smith, wheelwright, or whitesmith, if you were a craftsman, your fellow villagers usually held you in high regard. The craftspeople’s work was of great importance in the everyday life in the country. The Open Air Museum offers you the possibility to experience first-hand how crafts were practised in the days of yore. Which techniques were used, which devices were needed, which materials were processed, what the final product was like – these questions are answered through many practical demonstrations, often in accurate historical settings. You’ll gain an insight into the living and working conditions of craftspeople, farmers, and housewives and get to know how the division of labour worked in rural areas.

During high season, visitors have the chance to witness three to four different craftspeople a day in action. On the day of your visit, you might want to ask at the museum’s entrance which craftspeople are in on that day.